West Irondequoit High School
Class of 1977
Jiahong Juda
I am Mike Juda's wife, Jiahong Juda. Mike and I met each other from graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1984.

As you may know, Mike passed away on 12/03/2017. He lived a remarkable life with grace. You can find his obituary here:

We had a beautiful Memorial to celebrate his life on 5/6/2017. Once we organized the video, I will publish a link here.

You can also find more about his life from a Facebook page that I have setup for him; click the Facebook button below to get there.

It seemed that he had rich experiences with many of you at Ironduoit. Your experiences back then with or without him would be great interest to me. I want to put a richer and a complex image of Mike together, so I am grateful to your input.

He will be awarded a NASA's Exceptional Public Service Medal on July 11, 2017.
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